Brief history of the SSFN

SSFN was founded 2010 at Lund University, and kept at a minimal activity and administration. Upon a general call from President Tomas Björklund in 2021, Klas Kullander agreed to step in as President of the SSFN. Åsa Konradsson-Geuken agreed to step in and act as coordinator/secretary.

A interim reference group of 14 members nationwide was formed to start making progress to establish a council. Several meetings in the reference group ended up in the first annual meeting in 2023.

According to this document, SSFN was founded 2010 at LU.

  • Paulina Pettersson, LU, served as administrator until 2021.
  • Cecilia Lundberg was the first President, 2010-2018.
  • Tomas Björklund was the President 2018-2021.

Important milestones:

  • adminstrative formalitites with dedicated bank-account etc.
  • election of a council
  • established four committees: member, education, meeting and communication
  • defined the purpose of SSFN
  • updated by-laws
  • developed and decided on a logotype
  • launched a dedicated webpage for online presence, and providing a platform for information,
    resources, and communication for our members and the neuroscience community. https://
  • started the assembly of a comprehensive members directory to strengthen our internal network.
    This resource serves as a valuable tool for members to connect, collaborate, and share expertise,
    fostering a sense of community within the SSFN. It will also be an important resource for reach-out
    to decision makers, politicians and other organisations.
  • initiated a webinar series.
  • initiated a young neuroscientist chapter (SYNS)
  • established a nordic collaboration with one shared website for all the nordic associations (Finland,
    Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), currently co-organizing the FRM 2025 in Oslo
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