Annual meeting

The Annual SSFN meeting is held physically or virtually via platforms like Zoom. This meeting unites
researchers, scholars, and practitioners to exchange cutting-edge ideas and foster collaboration.
On all meetings:

  • Past, present and future of the society is presented and discussed.
  • Issues for the entire member community will be dealt with, such as change of by-laws and financial
    For physical meetings:
  • Keynote Speakers & Workshops: Renowned experts deliver insights into emerging trends while
    workshops delve into specific areas of interest, providing practical knowledge and methodologies.
  • Poster Sessions & Networking: Interactive poster sessions allow for engaging discussions, while
    networking events facilitate professional connections with peers and industry leaders.
  • Innovation Showcase: Explore the latest advancements in neuroscience technology, from brain
    imaging techniques to neurostimulation devices, envisioning the future of research and practice.
  • Celebrating Achievements: Special sessions and awards ceremonies recognize outstanding
    contributions, inspiring attendees to push the boundaries of knowledge and creativity.
    Join Us:
    Whether you’re a seasoned researcher, a graduate student, or an industry professional, the Annual meeting
    invites you to be part of this dynamic community. Register here for the meeting. Together, let’s advance
    neuroscience in Sweden.

Annual meeting registration

  1. Register at the website
  2. Pay your fee:
    A. Swish to Nikolaos Venizelos (Örebro U., board member): 0704942186
    B. Or by bank transfer to account: Which bank?? 3768 05 93 590 BIC
    (SWIFT-address): SE0230000000037680593590 NDEASESS
    C. Currently, you cannot pay by invoice, we are hoping to implement that
    option in the future.
  3. You will be registered once we have seen your confirmed payment. We will
    approve and add registrations on a weekly basis.
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